PIMP’s Korean Bulgogi

Refined sugar free – Gluten free – Nut free – Egg free – Dairy free – Grain free – Lunchbox friendly – Kid approved – Freezer friendly


Korean BBQ is one of our favourite go too’s for a dinner out together. How amazing would it be if we could eat it whenever we wanted AND if we knew exactly what was in it?  We do now! Bulgogi is traditionally cooked with a flank cut but it isn’t the easiest cut to find so we wanted to use meat you could have on hand, so we could have it all the time. And let’s be honest… how many times have you asked, “what’s something different I can cook with Mince?” You can now add this to the list and it will not disappoint.



3 Tbs sesame oil

½ Tsp black pepper

4 cloves of garlic, crushed finely chopped

2 Tbs coconut sugar

1 brown onion, sliced

1 green capsicum, sliced

1 pear, finely grated

600g beef mince

6 Tbs gluten free soy sauce

4 Tbs rice wine vinegar

¼ cup of water

3 spring onion, finely chopped to serve


  1. In a mixing jug add your soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, coconut sugar, black pepper, garlic, finely grated pear and 2 tbs of sesame oil and mix thoroughly to combine.
  2. Set aside 1/4 of your marinade mixture for later. Add your mince beef to the remaining marinade.
  3. In a wok or frying pan, add the remaining Tbs of sesame oil. Once heated, add your onion and cook until translucent.
  4. Add in the capsicum and cook for 2 minutes then add the set aside marinade. If you like a saucier dish add the 1/4 cup water at this point, and cook for another 2 minutes.
  5. Add your mince beef to the wok and stir to roughly breaking up the mince. Cover with a lid and cook for 3 minutes.
  6. Toss your mince again and cook for a further 3 minutes with the lid off.
  7. Place in a serving dish and garnish with spring onion.