My gut feeling about Probiotics.

Before I start with all the formal information, I would like to state that I was a big believer in probiotics and used them regularly. However after reading up on probiotics and some of the results found from various studies, I am not so sure anymore, if they are worth the $$$ or the effort.

The Daily Smoothie

I call this one The Daily Smoothie because it has the right amount of nutrition to meet the guidelines for everyday, it contains the right amount of vitamins and nutrition without exceeding your limit of sugars, dairy, proteins or fats per serve.

Tick-tock – Our body clocks are real!

Many factors in our lives play a role in preparing our body to fall asleep and wake up. You may hear the term “body clock” being used when someone says they are waking up at a certain time, or even that their body is used to something at a certain time. But did you know that a body clock is an actual thing? It’s real. It’s actually called a Circadian Rhythm.