Is my ACV bad?

My friend sent me a message today, asking if her ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) was bad. After looking at her photos I really couldn’t tell. I then thought to myself, “Can ACV even go bad?” “Wait, how long has mine been in the cupboard”. So of course, I had to investigate.


Adrenal Fatigue – It’s Real!

I never used to believe in adrenal fatigue, that was until about five years ago. I started using essential oils and attended a very informative workshop and I kid you not, when the consultant stood in front of us there and explained the symptoms of adrenal fatigue; I could have sworn she was talking about me.

Did you know – Ingredients List

Ingredient lists these days are very important to a lot of people, and for good reasons. Whether you suffer from a food allergy or just want to know what you are eating; the ingredients list is an essential part of any food product. It allows you to know exactly what is in food and whether or not you can/want to eat something due to its contents.