What can I say about this wildcat. I have known this woman for more than half my life, we grew into adulthood together.

Monica has always been a fighter; a strong independent human being with the biggest zest for life. Recently she was given the short end of the stick and was diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Although suffering every day with crippling pain, this has not stopped her. You see, Monica isn’t the type of person to take things lying down. No! Our Monica is a soldier, she came to terms with this life changing syndrome and set out to improve it. Monica has researched to the ends of the internet for different ways to improve hers and her families quality of life, and a majority of the conclusions came back to one particular area of life – Diet!

Monica is built mentally strong and strives to exceed in every aspect of life, she has a ‘never give up attitude’ and just gets shit done. She got to work straight away and turned her families eating habits around. She educated herself on the effects glutens and sugars have on the body and investigated alternative ingredients to them. After all, she is not a total bitch, she still wants delicious food in her life and dishes her family will not only eat but enjoy!

Now Monica is not the physically active type, she never has been; she repeatedly asks me “who was chasing you?” When I’ve mentioned that I went for a run. Me never giving up, has convinced her to join a gym once upon a time and complete a fun run with me (there is evidence of this) but it has never been her cup of tea.

I am 32 years of age and am an over-thinker, I don’t sleep well at night and because of this have had many a nights lying in bed with countless ideas to start a webpage but never have until this little turd convinced me otherwise.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, Monica and I are Ying and Yang but together we are a Ying-Yang, one doesn’t make sense without the other. What one of us has strength in the other one lacks, so together I’m confident that we have this lifestyle business sorted!