I’m Monica and this is my best friend Kori…

Kori travel PIMP

She is the Godmother to my children, my best friend and my rock. She is an open minded, stubborn, thorough, beautiful individual who will always tell you what she is thinking and will always put others first.

She has been by my side while dating, when I married my husband and through the birth of my children. She has been there through it all and now we get to share this together.

Kori has been a private nanny for at least 15 years and is now teaching our future children, Melbourne your kids are safe with this School Teacher!

One thing that has never changed with Kori over the years is her fitness; She has always been very active and made healthier choices for her diet, even taking a course in personal training and, just recently, a short course in nutrition just to arm herself with better knowledge. Whether she is out for a run with her furbabies, down at her caravan on the Jetski or at the gym, she finds ways to incorporate physical activity in to almost everyday.

This is not to say that she doesn’t love a beer, cider or a cocktail (or all 3) nor would she refuse a piece of chocolate or a cookie if offered from the kids. Its always been balance for her.

For as long as I can remember, Kori was exploring her health and fitness and she’s so passionate about it that she has even convinced me, carb and sugar loving me, into a diet or two… she even got me running for charity!