What is PIMP your life?

PIMP your life healthy food

PIMP your life has been created by two best friends who have lived completely different lives but by each other’s side. Now, after almost two decades, they share the same goal…

“Life doesn’t need to be all Black and White to be healthy”

We live in the Grey; the PIMP’d side of life if you will. We want to create a community that supports one another regardless of what stage of life you are in. We aim to PIMP the Black and White ways of a ‘healthy’ lifestyle with fun, versatility, variety and the cold hard truths, so that you too can enjoy the Grey.


Best Friends Sharing Healthy RecipesWhat makes you a PIMPster?

First and foremost you love food

You’re looking for a way of life not a diet

You believe in going outside the lines








Our beliefs…


We do not aim for 6 packs and 100%, 24/7. Life is too busy for that to be realistic so if that’s what you’re looking for we’re sorry to tell you, you’re in the wrong place. Some people wobble, and that is okay. Not everyone wants to be firm and ripped.


Working together we aim to provide recipes that not only taste delicious but are gluten free, refined sugar free, budget friendly and family friendly. We aim to have Thermomix methods available where possible as well as the conventional methods. We have an obsession with food and never want to change that, we just needed to tweak it to a more sustainable option.


Our blog will have a unique point of view and that is because we have more than one view. Two women who are either currently or have previously experienced so many different areas of Grey. Whether it be as a married mumma or a sassy, single gal. A busy career driven fur-mumma or a chronic pain parent. We have seen so many different shades of Grey and the shades we haven’t, we want this community to share together.

Learn more about PIMP’s co-founder Kori. Bit of a clean freak if this picture is anything to go by…

Learn more about PIMP’s co-founder Monica. Is this mess and clutter or organised chaos?