Is V8 Juice Healthy For You?

We all like to squeeze an extra veggie in wherever we can. A very popular way of doing this is through juice. Today I’m taking a closer look at V8 juice in particular. Is V8 juice healthy for you? It advertises that there are 2 serves of vegetables in every glass but does this mean it’s healthy?

At first glance, V8 juice gets a big tick from me for no artificial colours or flavors and no preservatives ✔

V8 claims to be high in vitamins, and more particularly, Vitamin A and C. This would change depending on the flavour you choose but across the board, it’s Vitamin A and C that they advertise on the bottles more frequently. Vitamins warrant another tick ✔

There is no added sugar, another tick ✔ Just remember that that doesn’t mean no sugar! The flavors with more fruit would have a higher sugar content than those with more vegetables as fruits are higher in natural sugar (check out this post to learn more about sugar!).

✔ ✔ ✔

That’s a few ticks so far but we are yet to discuss what is probably the most important element… fibre! While you will receive the nutrients that are in the fruit and vegetables, in your desired V8 flavor, you will not be consuming as much of the much-needed fibre you would from freshly made juice with the pulp left in. 

Keeping all of that in mind, V8 juice is a good way to help you achieve your 5 serves of veg a day but it does not give you ALL the benefits that you would receive from having those 5 serves straight from the fruit or veggies themselves. 

So is V8 juice healthy for you?

Once again, it all comes back to moderation. If you are consuming it in moderation and getting plenty of fiber through your other serves of fruit and veg, I can’t see the harm. Just make sure you are making note of the serving sizes as the standard glass in your kitchen may not measure out the standard serve.


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