Unwrapping Beeswax Wraps

Ok, I did it. I bit the bullet and purchased some adorably, stunning beeswax wraps. And no, not just because they’re pretty. I had heard they were good for the environment and wanted to give them a good go and thought why not give a review on beeswax wraps.

So here goes, unwrapping the beeswax wrap!

First thing, the smell is ah-mazing! I could literally sit here all day sniffing these wraps. I won’t, but I’m just saying I could. I was even surprised, after all my testing, that the strong scent of honey didn’t infiltrate the flavors of any of the foods. 

To more practical things. They come in many different sizes so you really can match the product you’re wrapping to the size of the wrap that you would need to use. I have found just using the big one for everything made the folding and covering of the item/s more difficult. The process for wrapping is easy also, just by using the warmth of your hands to warm the beeswax coating on the wrap making if more pliable. The key to wrapping was using the warmth of our hands to heat the wrap. By doing this, we are warming the beeswax coating on the wrap making it more pliable

What have I wrapped?

Cheese, it worked great but this was the item I tried wrapping with a large wrap. I’m not the best wrapper at the best of times so trust me, it wasn’t at all glamorous! 

Wraps and sandwiches, the kids absolutely loved taking their beeswax wrapped wraps (if that’s how you’d say it) to school and show it off to their friends. In fact, apparently one of my kids has put my hand up to come to the class and show the kids how they’re made. Thanks son! I guess I should start researching it! 

Bowls, these were the easiest to cover by far, and the wraps kept the contents fresh! I had salad in one, mash potato in another and leftover pasta in a third bowl. They all withstood the fresh test.

Avocado, oh em gee! I was and am, will forever be, gobsmacked at how fresh and green the avocado was two days later! My daughter and I opened the wrap, with bated breath, expecting to see a browned avo underneath. Alas, it did not happen. This is the only thing, so far, that I have found to keep an avocado fresh.

The kids actually found a way to pack chips into their lunch boxes using our beeswax wraps. They make envelopes! They use the heat of their hands to close the folds and leave the top open to stuff with loose goodies. They’ve done chips, popcorn, and even crackers.

Even though I only tried it on four items, so far, I am sold! Give me every design and size in range! 


I just wanted to add that since I have written this post I have actually purchased from many different companies and I have noticed a big difference in quality. 

Now that I am more familiar with beeswax wraps. I have found what works best for us. I would not purchase them if they are not stiff right at the start. The ones I have purchased that seemed quite flexible from the get-go, have just not lasted. I have found when using the most flexible ones, our food doesn’t seem to stay as fresh and to be frank, I cannot even get the wax to melt down in my hands and form around the items I am wrapping, not even a bowl!


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