Adrenal Fatigue – It’s Real!

I never used to believe in adrenal fatigue, that was until about five years ago. I started using essential oils and attended a very informative workshop and I kid you not, when the consultant stood in front of us there and explained the symptoms of adrenal fatigue; I could have sworn she was talking about me. 

I learnt some clear cut signs of having adrenal fatigue, (don’t worry I will be sharing them) but the one that hit me the most was something I had been to the doctor about so many times, that I honestly think she was ready to admit me to the psych ward.

Ladies, have you ever had a stinging pain in your back near your shoulder blade? Right around the bra strap area? Yup, you have. I know! You are not crazy – Me too! That Pimpsters, is a classic sign of adrenal fatigue. Is your mind as blown as mine was? 

Of Course, that is not the only sign of adrenal fatigue but it is the one that really blew my mind. Here are some more for you to look out for;

  • Always tired no matter how much sleep you get – which has us reaching for another caffeinated beverage and of course caffeine is a big contributor to adrenal fatigue.
  • Cravings for sugary and salty food-  Yep, it’s true. Your body uses up a lot of sodium when you’re stressed.
  • Weight gain around your tummy –  I like to call it the spare tyre, my mummy pouch… I think you get the drift, but no matter how much you diet, it still sits there.
  • Irritable more often than not – It feels like you are snapping before thinking, taking no prisoners and always have your guard up. 
  • A weak immune system –  You’re always sick. You have a cold that is always lingering.
  • Don’t forget the pain in the bra strap area – clear sign!


Pimpsters, our adrenal glands are a part of our Endocrine System (a collection of different glands that make the hormones in our body) and they themselves are involved in the production of over 50 hormones; including adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline, is what gives us our fight or flight reflexes and cortisol, helps your body respond to stress.


Adrenal fatigue is what happens when your body has been over stimulated for a long period of time. There isn’t a set time frame, every person is different. There is also no clearly defined explanation as to how it comes about, aside from stress. To become adrenally fatigued though, your adrenal glands would have had to of been working overtime, for a long time, compensating your high stress levels. Then when your adrenals are fatigued it causes inadequate levels of hormones. 

What doesn’t help is this day and age; with the world at our fingertips, we are always on the go, and in the know, with adrenaline and cortisol spittin’ out all over the place.

Kid’s need nude foods in their lunchboxes today, STRESS! Someone leaked G.O.T this week, STRESS! It could even be as little as introducing yourself to a stranger, if you’re an introvert… STRESS!


First step is recognising the cause of the stress and trying to remove it. Then there are lifestyle changes that can help reverse the effects. These will include food, exercise, mindfulness and more.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you without some tips to help get you there but I will leave it for the next blog. So keep an eye out!


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