Did you know – Ingredients List

Ingredient lists these days are very important to a lot of people, and for good reasons. Whether you suffer from a food allergy or just want to know what you are eating; the ingredients list is an essential part of any food product. It allows you to know exactly what is in food and whether or not you can/want to eat something due to its contents.

It doesn’t just give you transparency of what is in your food but since 2002, it has become legal for manufacturers to also clearly list/label any possible allergens the product may of come across.

But do you know why an ingredient list is listed the way is it? No? Well read on to find out.

An ingredients list must be listed in descending order according to weight of the particular item from largest to smallest.

This means that the first item listed in the ingredients list, is the ingredient that the product contains the most of. Which then means the ingredient listed last, is the ingredient the product contains the least amount of.

For example, if a product’s ingredients list reads like the one above then Corn.flour would be the main ingredient in this product and folic acid the least.

So next time you are hunting around and reading an ingredients list, be mindful of this and make sure you are picking a product that you feel comfortable eating.

Remember most to least!

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