Get some D in ya!

OK, by D I clearly meant Vitamin D! Pick your minds up out of the gutter.

I was having a really crappy day last week; It was a high pain day, the kids were driving me crazy, house work was out of control and I was just down in the dumps from it all. I wanted to assume the fetal position and stay there all day. Did I? No.

Not for lack of trying though let me tell you. I was forced outside by a girlfriend. We laid on a mat, with a beautiful clear sky above us and the sun beaming down on our faces. I kid you not, within minutes my mood had changed.

Vitamin D is so important to us for many reasons; sleep, calcium absorption and regulating insulin, just to name a few. Today though, I wanted to shine some light (get it!) on how important Vitamin D is for our state of mind.

Studies and research have shown (Vitamin D Council, Springer) that Vitamin D, or lack thereof, can be associated with depression. A lack of vitamin D can also contribute to fatigue and anxiety which contributes significantly to depression also. Now, whilst I’m not a huge advocate for the multi-billion dollar supplement industry, I am an advocate for Vitamin D.

Personally, I have seen huge changes in my fatigue levels (throughout all my pregnancies and now through my illness) when I start taking Vitamin D supplements. Of course it is important to always discuss taking ANY supplements with your GP before taking them!

But putting aside supplements, nothing beats getting some good ol’ Vitamin D from nature itself and the great outdoors.

Against popular belief, the healing properties of the sun cannot penetrate through your window; whether it be your car or your home windows. So yes! You will need to get out into the fresh air to fully take in the healing power of the sun’s rays. Just in case it needs to be said, please take into consideration safe sun smart actions when going outside; those of you who use sunscreen, it doesn’t block the vitamin D from absorbing into our skin.

So in short, what I’m trying to say is, if you’re feeling blue, are overwhelmed with life or just feel blah, get outside under the glorious sun and get some D in ya!


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