The Daily Smoothie

My partner and I are HUGE fans of a morning smoothie. In fact, we tend to have one every weekday morning. But the thought of making them at 6am and the treacherous sound of the blender does not appeal to me one bit.

Instead, I prep all our smoothies on Sunday night, (AKA Set up Sunday here at Pimp your life), and they see us through the week. It has taken me a bit of time to get the smoothie right though. I have found that you just can’t go throwing anything into the jug and hope it stays fresh for the week.

The trick is prepping beforehand. No dicing up ingredients before the sun has awoken, no noisy machinery in the morning, just showering, dressing and coffee-ing (yes, a real word in our household); it couldn’t be any easier.

I blend the smoothie, with the milk (1 cup) the night before and it sits perfectly fine in the fridge, ready for us to grab and go in the A.M. Confession, I have also blended our smoothies up to 3 nights prior and they are perfectly fine after a bit of a shake before drinking.

After many trials, I have finally found a combination that not only tastes good, is nutritious and filling and lasts the week. It is happy to sit in the fridge, patiently awaiting its turn to be blitzed and devoured.

I call this one The Daily Smoothie because it has the right amount of nutrition to meet the guidelines for everyday, it contains the right amount of vitamins and nutrition without  exceeding your limit of sugars, dairy, proteins or fats per serve. (Sometimes, I believe smoothie drinkers don’t realise that some smoothies can go WAY over sugar limits).. Just an added note, The Daily Smoothie does not contain any synthetic protein (powder), it can also be adapted to be dairy free, it is kid friendly and is also a fantastic afternoon snack option.

I use it as a base smoothie and sometimes, if I feel like a change or have some other kind of fruit lying around, I just throw it in before blitzing. In the past, I have added grapes, nectarines, pear, cucumber, mango and I’m sure there are more that I can’t remember right now. Just remember that adding other ingredients can alter how fresh it will stay in your fridge, so I recommend adding these in at the last minute.

The point is, it is a versatile smoothie, that if done right, will last in your fridge the entire work week. So no more excuses of “I don’t have time to make a smoothie every morning” or “I don’t have time for breakfast”. On those mornings when time is shorter than short, you just have to open the fridge, grab your smoothie and bolt out the door.

Each smoothie contains 3-4 serves of fruit and veg, and if using dairy or soy products, contains just short of 2 servings of dairy . Each serving also contains protein, fibre, vitamin C plus more.

For those who count calories, depending on the products you use e.g. kind of milk, yogurt etc, this smoothie comes at roughly 250 Cal (unsweetened almond milk) and 385 Cal (full-fat cows milk) so would fit into any calorie limit diet.



½ apple, diced

½ banana, roughly chopped

Handful of baby spinach leaves

2 Tbs of natural/greek yogurt

¾ cup frozen berries (I mostly use mixed berries)


  1. As I mentioned before, for this smoothie to keep its freshness for the working week, the layering has to been done right. The ingredients list is listed in the order of the best layering sequence for optimum freshness.
  2. Store your smoothies in the fridge, and the day before you intend to drink one – add the milk and blitz.


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