Did you know? Honey!

Everyone has heard of honey, but do you know exactly what honey is, or how it is made? To simplify it, and to not bore anyone in the explanation process, honey is a sweet food made by honeybees using nectar from flowers.

Here are some interesting, fun facts about 100% pure/real honey you may or may not have known. 

Fun fact #1

Honeybees are the only insect that produces honey and are also the only insect that produces food for human consumption.  That’s right! Not all bees make honey

Fun fact #2

100% natural, real, pure honey lasts forever. You may of noticed that your jar of honey has a date stamp on it. This date is either stamped from when it was jarred or an expiry date. But if the honey you purchase is in fact 100% pure honey, and has an expiry date, this is only on the jar because of legal requirements.

Fun fact #3

According to some honey experts, if honey is packaged in plastic, they believe the plastic will ‘fail’ before the honey does.

Fun fact #4

One tablespoon of real honey contains 64 calories. It has a glycemic index number of around 10, which is a little less than a whole banana.

Fun fact #5

Pure honey does not cause a sugar spike or raise insulin release like regular processed refined sugar will.

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